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Discover Unlimited Beauty & Learning Opportunities

Meet different people, cultures, traditions and landscapes.

The W🌍RLD is your classroom you have infinite learning experiences & opportunities. You have the FREEDOM to Choose Your Own Adventure!

Let’s Learn-cation

Travel to Beautiful & Exotic Destinations without breaking the bank, while creating streams of income that pay you as you explore, engage, and enjoy life with your family.

What People Say

“The Spotlight Mission Statement made me face my fears and write down my purpose and plan.

Thanks to your encouragement and now having an annual, monthly, weekly and daily goal caused a major shift in my attention towards my business.

I have almost doubled my prices with 3 products over 5 countries and for the first time I have positive (and not negative) disbursements in every country!😭❤️

Shaniqua Stipins, Director Ayinu LTD
Certified W🌍RLD Class Schooler

Listen to what these Moms have to Say…

Graduates of the Certified W🌍RLD Class Schooling Program


“This program took the ‘headache’ out of homeschooling my daughter,…I don’t have to wander aimlessly without a plan and I have clarity on my goals. I didn’t know there were so many teaching styles.

I’m definitely digging the Charlotte Mason. It’s perfect for the amount of freedom my daughter needs and me as well.

I loved the LITT assessment. I just needed a better understanding of my child that I knew she wasn’t able to verbalize.”

Ajsia Felton, Consultant

Certified W🌍RLD Class Schooler


Accountability & Action

“We have more cost effective options for traveling…I really like the farming co-op option. That is such a great idea! Now we aren’t limited to tagging along on business trips with my husband!

Yes! And Thanks to the LITT, my children are able to actually learn more and I am exponentially more efficient and effective at teaching.

Accountability is the factor I’ve been missing the most! Writing down the purpose helped me create a more concrete road map and plan that were in alignment with my purpose.”

Christa June, Creator of June University: Homeschooling Using the World as our Classroom

Certified W🌍RLD Class Schooler


Confirmation & Clarity

“I started the program using a curriculum, doing the curriculum test confirmed that we are definitely an Unschooling family. We tried the curriculum way and soon realized we enjoy more freedom.

Learning that we can travel on a budget by getting memberships…gave us a new perspective on traveling without breaking the bank.

Having 3 girls with different personalities and learning styles, doing the LITT helped to understand how to better reach them individual and teach them according to their needs.”

Tra’ Stewart, Founder of Minority Homeschoolers Unite

Certified W🌍RLD Class Schooler


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